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Wall Mounted Manual Intensity Controls

Wall Mounted Manual Intensity Controls

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Wall mounted manual intensity controls are to be used with base model heaters. A manual intensity control lets you vary the heater output for a low, medium, or high intensity and it also lets you turn the heater off. The manual control does not shut the heater off at a certain air temperature - the heater operates at the intensity you have set until you manually turn it off when the heat is not needed. A medium intensity setting is most common, but for foaling or during severely cold temperatures, the high setting should be used. Manual intensity controls are usually used for the horses in their stalls when they are under the heaters for hours. The wall mounted control is a single gang stainless steel wall plate, with pigtail wires attached and is to be hardwired into an extra deep single gang electrical box feeding the outlet where the heater plugs in (one heater per control). 

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