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Saddle Bags

Weaver Leather Saddle Bags WEA 90-4362

HorseTackOnline carries all types of saddle bags, from small horn bags to full size 5-bag trail, pack equipment. We carry the full line of saddle bags from Gundersen Sunrise Products, Weaver Leather, Ozark Saddle King, Abetta and Tough-1. Our number one seller is Gundersen Sunrise Products, which we believe to be one of the elite saddle bag manufacturers in America. The Gundersen Family started their company over 40 years ago in the late 1960's. They based their company on strong family and moral principles. Avid hunters, horsemen, and outdoorsmen themselves; they understand from experience the importance of durable lasting equipment.

600 Denier Poly/Nylon Super Saddle Bag by ...

$136.27   $125.78

Australian Outrider Collection Leather Saddle Pocket
Australian Outrider Collection Leather Sad...

$73.87   $68.18

Tough-1 Basket Stamp Saddle Bag
Basket Stamp Saddle Bag by Tough-1

$126.52   $116.78

Tough-1 Saddle Pocket Bag w/ Basketweave
Basketweave Leather Concho Saddle Pocket b...

$38.77   $35.78

Clip-On Holster with Water Bottle, Black
Black Clip-On Holster with Water Bottle by...

$12.69   $11.63

Nylon Pommel Bag, Black
Black Nylon Pommel Bag by Weaver Leather

$15.88   $14.55

Rectangular Nylon Cantle Bag, Black, Small
Black, Small, Rectangular Nylon Cantle Bag...

$18.00   $16.50

Nylon Pack Saddle Panniers, Brown
Brown Nylon Pack Saddle Panniers by Weaver...

$294.84   $270.27

Pack Saddle Top Pack, Brown
Brown Pack Saddle Top Pack by Weaver Leather

$138.67   $127.12

Super Pack, Brown, Large
Brown Super Pack, Large, by Weaver Leather

$136.60   $125.22

Super Pack, Brown, Small
Brown Super Pack, Small, by Weaver Leather

$103.75   $95.11

Canteen Holster
Canteen Holster by Weaver Leather

$76.66   $70.27




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Western Horse Saddle Bags

Saddle bags are very popular with western horseback riders.  Trail riders may be out on the trail for hours and it is always a good idea to pack fresh water and supplies for the trip.   

Some of the terms you may hear when selecting saddles bags include:

Leather Saddles Bags -  Traditional style saddle bags.  Great for general supplies.

Nylon Saddle Bags - Nylon or Canvas saddle bags are becoming more popular.  They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors.  Typical larger and hold than leather.  

Insulated Saddle Bags - Insulated bags are found more commonly in nylon saddle bags.  Insulated bags allow you to carry ice and keep items cool while on the trail.   Some insulated bags lift out of the actual pack for easy cleaning. 

Pack Saddle Bags - Pacl saddle bags are the very large bags used typically with over night rides.  These bags are large enough to carry shelter and additional supplies for the overnite stay.  Pack Saddle Bags are typically used without riders. You may have heard for pack mules.  Their job is to carry the pack saddle bags without a rider.

Cantle Bag - Cantle bags typically sit right behind the saddle and could be used to carry rain gear or to keep supplies separated from the other supplies in the saddle bags.

Pommel Bag - This type of bag is carries in front of the saddle.  

In horseback riding saddlebags sit behind the saddle. They attach to the saddle's girth and to the saddle itself by straps and ties. They can be made from various materials, including heavy nylon, canvas or leather.

Leather was the traditional material but is heavier and requires more maintenance than modern versions.

Pommel bags (which sit in front of the saddle), regular saddlebags (which sit behind it), and pannier style bags (that can be fitted over a saddle that is not being ridden in) are three different types available.