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Reinsman Bits


Reinsman was founded as a Horse Bit company. Over the years, the product offerings expanded, but Bits have always been the core of the Reinsman brand. Reinsman has always been the industry leader, and we continue the tradition by building on our foundation, pushing the limits, and bringing great new designs and features to the art of bit making.


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Reinsman Bit Terms

Reinsman Bits


  • Cheeks - Sides of the bit. Includes both purchase and shank.
  • Purchase - Portion of cheek above the mouthpiece. A shorter purchase means a quicker reaction. 
  • Shank - Portion of cheek below the mouthpiece. The longer the shank, the more leverage. 
  • Mouthpiece - The part of the bit that goes in the horse's mouth. 
  • Bars - Portion of each side of the mouthpiece that rest on the horse's bars(gum area between the front and the back teeth). 
  • Port - Center portion of mouthpiece. Both height and width are important in creating the amount of tongue pressure or tongue relief. 
  • Mullen Relief - A formward curve in the mouthpiece that creates even pressure across the bars and tongue.

Mouthpiece Materials:

  • Copper - Causes mouth to salivate keeping it soft and supple to the rider.
  • Sweet Iron - Intended to rust, it actually has a sweet taste to it as rusting occurs and causes salivation. 
  • Stainless Steel - Very little taste. Gives a clean, neat look.


  • Timing - The amount of time required from the moment the reins are pulled until the horse reacts. 
  • Curb Action - Includes pressure on poll, mouth and chin groove. 
  • Curb Chain Pressure - Timing of the bit. Loose curb chain: slower. Tight curb chain: faster. 
  • Gag Action - The amount the cheek slides before engaging the mouthpiece. 
  • The "feel of the bit" - Not only what the horse feels when the rider pulls on the reins, but also what the rider feels. Suppleness or stiffness.