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Insect Control

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Auto Mist 55 Gallon All Natural Residential System Refill

Please note: Residential refills only come in this size. If you own a 30 gallon system, this product will give you TWO refills.

Enzyme-surfactant based to kill mosquitoes and other small flying insects. For use in the Auto Mist system or other automatic misting system, including tankless units. Can also be used in pump up sprayers or handheld ULV misters.

Safe for use over water.

Great for over and around boat docks and boat slips.

Great for use where traditional insecticides cannot be used.

No harm to fish, pets, animals, humans.


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55 Gallon Complete Auto Mist Insect Control System

Auto Mist means proven drum style systems that offer extremely reliable service. Straight-forward, simple operation to limit mechanical failure. The best of all worlds - automatic insect control designed for simplicity and longevity.

Effective Solutions for Insect, Mosquito & Fly Control

Auto Mist Systems are very versatile. They can be installed conveniently at the time of new construction, when additions are added or in already existing areas to effectively reduce insect populations. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience and tens of thousands of satisfied customers, our innovative designs, variety of options and effective control have clearly made the Auto Mist System a leader in the industry.

Auto Mist is an automatic insect control system that is installed in areas where insects are a nuisance. The Auto Mist system helps to reduce insect transmitted disease, infections, contamination and animal stress. By using the Auto Mist system, more insects are killed per dollar spent.

We've crafted and tailored our systems throughout the years to provide our customers with a product that exceeds their needs. Quality components and installation techniques play a large part. Automist Systems work as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. A pump, timer and resevoir assembly provide liquid output
  2. Nozzles and tubing are placed in strategic locations
  3. Effective water based sprays

System Includes:

  • 55 gallon black reservoir with removable lid and locking ring. 
  • Automist standard system with analog timer OR Digital Timer with remote
  • 1/3 hp motor
  • 140 GPH pump w/ fittings 1/4" or 3/8" output
  • 1 - black weather-proof system cover
  • 10 - Tee nozzle assemblies (Hago sytle quick fit) 
  • 2 - Elbow nozzle assemblies (Hago sytle quick fit) 
  • 1 - 1/4" union tee 
  • 1 - 1/4" union connector 
  • 4 - 1/4" union elbows 
  • 1 - fitting tool 
  • 1 - tubing cutter 
  • 1 - inline filter 
  • 1 - hose end filter 
  • 80 - 1/4" black loop clamp fasteners 
  • 200 feet 1/4" black nylon tubing

No. 15188

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Odor-Mist Odor Neutralizer

Odor Mist is a concentrated all natural odor neutralizer that doesn’t just cover odors, it destroys them. Odor Mist eliminates nitrogenous, sulfurous as well as many other odors.

It is water based so it works excellent in automatic insect control systems or other liquid automatic or metering systems to create a pleasant atmosphere every time they spray. Also great for use in mop water, as a spray, or on bedding.

Great for use through a powered ULV cold foggers.

Removes orders caused from smoke, urine, animals and more.

Made from all natural essential oils.

Recommended mixing:

0.3% solution-1 part concentrate to 33 parts water.

0.5% solution-1 part concentrate to 20 parts water.

For automatic insect control systems mix 1 quart per 55 gallon of spray solution.

Citrus/grapefruit fragrance.

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$234.99 Your price: $202.80
2.5 Gallon 1-10 HP Concentrate Developed over 30 years ago using the highest quality pyrethroids, HP is a premium formulation that has set the bar for...
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