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Feed Bins & Storage

Feed Bins

Feed bins are helpful in keeping your hay and grain up off of the stall floor or ground as well as providing a natural eating posture to help with the nutrition of your horse. HorseTackOnline is proud to sell a variety of feed and storage bins and carts, from quality manufactures such as: Burlingham Sports and High Country Plastics. Check out all the storage ans color options to best fit your needs, and help you properly store your horse's food and help with its nutrution.

24" Corner Feeder
24" Corner Feeder


270lb Feed Bin with Stand
270lb Feed Bin with Stand


32" Corner Feeder
32" Corner Feeder


Bench Water Caddy with Storage
Bench Water Caddy with Storage


Feed Cart
Burlingham Feed Cart


Double Fence Feeder
Double Fence Feeder


Dura Cart
Dura Cart, 11 Cu. ft with Worry Free Tires


Horse Feed Storage Bin or Horse Blanket Storage Bin
Horse Feed Storage Bin or Horse Blanket St...


Mounting Brackets


Corner Hay Feeder
Porta Flex Corner Hay Feeder


Rubber Feed Tub
Rubber Feed Tub

$24.38   $22.50

Single Fence Feeder
Single Fence Feeder





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Horse Feeders and Feed Storage

There are a variety of horse feeders available. Hay racks, mangers, feed bins and bags, concentrate feeders, and more are each designed to help your horse get the nutrients and variety he needs for a healthy life. Each style of feeder has its advantages. Some, like wall feeders, elevate food to help prevent fecal, dirt, and bedding contamination. Others, such as hay bags, are perfect for use in trailers while traveling to competitions or shows.

But care needs to be taken with all feeder types. Hay bags that are hung too low, for instance, can tangle your horse's feet when empty. Similarly, metal concentrate feeders can wear over time and the resulting sharp edges can cut your horse's neck, chin, tongue, or lips. However, it is the height at which most of these feeders are installed that poses the greatest health risk for your horse.

Hay racks, suspended concentrate feeders, and others are often installed above your horse's withers. This helps prevent him from becoming tangled in the feeder or wounded by its components should he panic while in the stall. But when feeders are elevated to this height, horses are forced to reach upwards to obtain their food. This posture causes an increase of inhaled dust and hay particles, which can cause respiratory distress. It also puts unnecessary strain on your horse's neck. Worse, this position can cause your horse to choke, may contribute to colic, and helps decrease the amount of nutrients your horse obtains from his food.

Wild horses graze vast grass and pasturelands for food. As a result, most of their food is consumed in a heads down position. Floor-level feeding mimics this natural posture and has many health benefits, including:

  • Slowed Consumption - Horses are more relaxed while eating off the ground. As a result, they take smaller mouthfuls of food, more thoroughly chew it, and better mix it with saliva, which helps reduce the risk of choking and impaction colic
  • Improved Nutrition - Since horses chew more and the hay or grain mixes better with saliva, food is better prepared for breakdown in the digestive tract. As a result, more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are absorbed from the food.
  • Reduced Irritants - Your horse inhales less irritants when he eats with his head down. He also reduces the risk of irritants falling into his eyes. A lowered head also promotes airway drainage, which helps flush out any inhaled dust or hay particles.