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Equine RS800CX GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Equine RS800CX GPS Heart Rate Monitor

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The smarter way to train your horse. The Polar Equine heart rate monitors will help you gain a better understanding of how to train your horse correctly and safely – and allows you to train along with them at the same time. It's the most reliable way to see how effectively your horse is training; you can easily and accurately measure your horse’s exertion levels during exercise and monitor their resting and recovery heart rates as well, to ensure your horse's safety at all times. 

Equine RS800CX GPS Heart Rate Monitor


Heart rate, speed, average speed, distance, and heart rate variability (HRV) are just small examples of the information you can view and store on this device and transfer to your computer for review after training.

RS800CX training computer

H3 heart rate sensor electrode base set

G5 GPS sensor

Polar ProTrainer 5 Equine Edition

Please note that the RS800CX is optimized for human athletes. Some features in the device, such as calorie tracking, may not give reliable readings when used on animals

Note: Also available without G5 GPS sensor 

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