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Dry Material Spreaders


Dry Material Spreaders can help make your farming chores much easier. All of our Dry Material Spreaders at HorseTackOnline are approved for fertilizer, seed, bait, granular insecticides, granular insecticides, granular herbicides, pellets, and ice melting pellets. We offer a wide selction of hopper sizes and ways to attach them to ATV's, UTV's. Truck Hitch's, or just a simple pull behind.



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Dry Material Spreaders

Spin Tech Spreaders

What makes SpinTech the new generation of spreaders is our patented SpinTech positive locking system. Not only does the spinner plate rotate, but it also goes up and down locking closed when the motor is off. SpinTech can spread almost anything including salt, fertilizer, corn, pelleted lime, grass seed, agriculture planting seed, and food plot products. In the broadcast spreader application you never loose feed or seed due to uneven terrain and or road conditions. Best of all there are no hoppers or levers to open or close to regulate feed or seed on our broadcast spreaders.

Fimco Spreaders

All Fimco Spreaders are built with the quality and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with their name. They all include a Stainless Steel radial 6-blade fan, and have a variable speed controller that comes with them. We have models that attach to ATV's or UTV's, and ones that you can pull behind any vehicle. We also carry a three point hitch spreader and one that can attach to your truck hitch. We have many hopper sizes to choose from as well so please browse our selection to find the best fit for your farm needs.